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DTF transfers - Meaning

What do we mean by DTF Transfer?

This is a question we get a lot from people who aren't familiar with DTF and what it means! DTF stands for Direct To Film Transfer. With a specialized DTF printer, DTK specific ink and special film, we are able to create a vibrant, beautiful trans for that allows us to transfer the printed image onto ANY type of fabric!

DTF transfers are full color! Our unique way of printing makes our DTF transfer very vibrant and POP more than our competitors! Our transfer can be transferred onto any color as well! In the past, screen prints would limit you on the amount of colors you could use. Sublimation limited you to only using light colored polyester material. NOT DTF! Dtf is backed in white ink that allow it to be used on ANY fabric, ANY color!

In addition to being vibrant and versatile, DTF is also extremely durable! It has a waterproof agent in the ink that allows it to be washed and dried many times over! It will last and stay beautiful for a very long time!

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